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[글로벌 IT 컨설팅] Cornerstone Functional Consultant 2019-06-20
 서치펌 정보
진 행 서 치 펌 ㈜스카우트서치
담당 헤드헌터 이승재  
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 담 당 업 무 Cornerstone Functional Consultant
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 상 세 요 강 Cornerstone Functional Consultant

The Functional Consultant serves as the product and process expert for the Talent Management Suite
of products. This role understands the full suite functionalities and their application to real
business needs. This role is client-facing and will support client projects from initiation
through to closure, performing as an advocate and transformation agent to help clients realize the
potential of their workforce.

Responsibilities Include:
- Act as a trusted advisor for the client
- Define client requirements, outline fit/gap analysis, and drive results for the client
- Provide best practice solutions based on customer defined business needs and functional
- Develop and maintain critical product certification as required by Cornerstone and transfer
knowledge to client-side administrators and project personnel
- Support various activities between clients, partners, vendors and internal TCS team members
- Work to project plans, document activities and provide regular reports to TCS project management
and leadership on the status of all deliverables and work accomplished
- Proactively stay up to date on all current software releases
- Optimize time management by prioritizing among multiple projects
- Manage escalations to senior project and TCS leadership
- Work with vendor and client-side resources to resolve gaps between product and need
- Track and input all task hours according to TCS and/or partner specification
- Maintain expert level knowledge of each of leading industry talent management solutions
- Maintain expert level knowledge of specific Cornerstone Talent Management modules current
release, Quarterly Releases, and Road Maps.

Qualifications Considered:
- Ability to learn quickly and become Certified in at least one Cornerstone application module as
required (Learning, Performance, Recruiting, and HR)
- Demonstrated aptitude for using software and online systems to accomplish complex tasks
- Demonstrated ability to creatively solve problems by appropriate use of technology
- Ability to express confidence with clients while continuing to gain functional knowledge in
systems and products
- Ability to navigate through clients’potential resistance to change during an implementation of
new technology
- Demonstrated ability to work across multiple projects with high exposure
- Ability to lead consultative discussions regarding client processes and best practices
- Experience as a functional lead in a consulting environment
- Demonstrated ability to quickly grasp business scenarios and understand the technology
implications of the scenario
- Excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills
- Excellent organization and documentation skills
- REQUIRED: Fluent in Korean and English

Budget: 70 Million
Location : Seoul

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