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[글로벌 IT 컨설팅] Senior Project Manager(HR ) 2019-06-20
 서치펌 정보
진 행 서 치 펌 ㈜스카우트서치
담당 헤드헌터 이승재  
채용회사 기업정보
 기 업 소 개 [IT 서비스]
 기 업 형 태 외국계기업
 상 장 여 부 비상장
 담 당 업 무 Senior Project Manager(HR )
 채 용 분 야 [SI·ERP·CRM·KMS][IT컨설팅][시스템 분석·설계·PM]
 키  워  드 ERP/IT컨설팅/시스템분석/PM/BPM
 고 용 형 태 연봉계약직
 모 집 인 원 1명
 채 용 직 급 협의 후 결정
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 근 무 지 역 서울특별시
 상 세 요 강 Senior Project Manager

The Project Manager owns project delivery from the Initialization through Closure, transition to
ongoing support, and supports Operations of our Korea HCM Practice. This role is responsible for
leading the successful delivery of client projects per the statement-of-work and objectives
documented in the project scope. Your commitment to quality and your drive to innovate will
contribute to the success of our clients and enable them to meet their goals.

Responsibilities Include:
- Overall project framing, tracking and management
- Development of project plan and timeline based on project scope, client requirements, takeholder
needs and assigned resources
- Management of TCS and client-side resources assigned to projects
- Establish clear and achievable objectives for project
- Coordinating with cross-functional team members to make sure that all parties are on track with
project requirements, deadlines, and schedules
- Understand relevant SaaS technologies and comfort with integation discussion
- Meeting with project team members to identify and resolve issues
- Balance project demands across quality, scope, time and cost
- Submitting project deliverables and ensuring that they adhere to quality standards
- Preparing status reports by gathering, analyzing and summarizing relevant information
- Creating and executing effective project communication plans
- Facilitating change requests to ensure that all parties are informed of the impacts on schedule
and budget
- Identifying and developing new opportunities with clients
- Obtaining customer sign-off of project deliverables
- Managing customer satisfaction within project transition period
- Conducting post project evaluation and identifying successful and unsuccessful project elements

Qualifications considered:
- A Bachelor’s degree in Business, IT or related field
- Minimum 5 years of project management experience
- Proven experience in project management related to software implementations
- Strong understanding of formal project management methodologies
- Experience with large, multi-national corporations
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Ability to work on and manage a global team
- REQUIRED: Fluent in Korean and English
- REQUIRED: Project Management Professional (PMP) certification or equivalent experience
- Preferred: Experience with Cornerstone Talent Management or Human Capital Management software

Budget: 70 Million
Location : Seoul

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헤드헌터 이승재
담당헤드헌터 이승재    
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